03 – Interview with Dana Plank and Ryan Thompson

An amazing interview about the music of Final Fantasy VI including myself, Dana Plank (@musicologess), and Ryan Thompson (@BardicKnowledge)!

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03 – “Terra” from Final Fantasy VI (Podcast)

Episode 3 of “Into the Score,” covering Nobuo Uematsu’s “Terra” from Final Fantasy VI. We get into the nuts and bolts of the game’s score, from form and harmony, to technology and how the music is affected by the game’s narrative.

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01 – Interview with Andrew Schartmann

This final edition of Episode 1, I’m interviewing Andrew Schartmann, who I’ve mentioned at length in this podcast series because his two books (“Maestro Mario” and “33 1/3: Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack”) were the basis for a lot of my research. He’s a Ph.D candidate at Yale whose work focuses on form and design in early console video games. This is a really insightful conversation, so please check it out!

01 – SMB Stream

This edition of Episode 1, I’m streaming “Super Mario Bros.” with a particular focus on the music design within each level, then with each world on the whole. Come check it out!